The Obligatory iPhone Test Movie

I made a video with and about my phone.

Updated to add file sizes:

1 minute of HD from the back camera was approximately 72mb.  1 minute from the front camera was approximately 24mb.  Exported in HD, the full 5’13” movie was 400mb.  The file uploaded to YouTube was 92mb.

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6 thoughts on “The Obligatory iPhone Test Movie

    1. Oh the anxiety (especially by those rock-pools). While the phone is very thin, I have to carry a bulky packet of welsh cakes everywhere with me, to ensure that if I do get peckish, it’s not the phone that’s in danger of being eaten.

    1. I rang the Apple Store every day the week before I came to Sussex. Last week a had to queue, and that’s 2 and a half months after the phone was released. It’s hard earned, y’know?

      But it’s worth it….

  1. Honestly, “…a delicate but inedible biscuit” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages.

    Your obligatory iPhone 4 test movie has a significant advantage over mine – you have vegetation! Kidding aside, the first shot of the tall grass blowing in the breeze really shows off the detail of the video, even after being youtubed.

    1. But you can’t deny the veracity of it…Yes we have vegetation, because we have rain! The detail is incredible, and one of the things i want to do is carefully compare the youtube version with the original iPhone export (four times bigger). In fact, it’d be interesting to upload the same video to vimeo and viddler as well to compare across the board.What I didn’t test was the low light stuff and the flash light that worked so impressively in your film. I wished I’d gone down onto the beach in that shot where there’s a cave, to try that out, though “interior of cave” may not have been thrilling footage, unless I’d found a silurian in there. I did shoot a sequence that went from dark to light to see how the exposure coped, but I don’t seem to have used it for some reason. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad either.

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