Please Can We Have Our Party Back?

I don’t object to Lord Kinnock supporting Ed Milliband, or being pleased that he has won.  But his comment, that “we’ve got our party back” just makes me depressed. Where have we got it back from? Is he referring to when we lent it to the electorate, who wanted to form a government with it? Have we got it back because they won’t be wanting to do that again?

It depresses me that as delegates wend their way home from Manchester, they’ll be feeling they’ve had a good conference. Kinnock’s remark is indicative of a feeling of comfort and security, the Labour party is beginning to feel good about itself again. Ed Milliband has told them what they want to hear – that they have to reconnect with their traditional voters – many of whom on the left were alienated by the war in Iraq.  But history relates that the things a comfortable Labour party does includes holding rallies – in Sheffield – and does not include winning elections.

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2 thoughts on “Please Can We Have Our Party Back?

    1. My point is that there are many in the party for whom Iraq was the issue, and more broadly that Kinnock’s comment reflects a Ed Milliband’s success in making the party feel more “comfortable”.The Labour Party didn’t win elections by making its own members happy. If we want to win again we still have to appeal beyond the party.

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