“The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People” Review

So far this year’s Doctor Who has gone in a totally new direction: scarier, uncompromisingly complex and heavily multi-layered. At first glance, “The Rebel Flesh” may appear to be a much more traditional episode, a trad-Who tale of a base under siege from an enemy within: that cheap old standby the duplicate/double. By the time this two parter is finished, though, its quality is evident: in the writing, direction and performances which are of the highest standard. And by the end of “The Almost People” it’s revealed to be as multi-layered and complex as the opening two parter. It not only demands immediate rewatching; it makes you want to go back and rewatch all of the last six weeks’ worth. There’s a great point @lone_locust makes in this week’s @fusionpatrol podcast: it fits into the arc as an arc story should. This is a Doctor with a plan; he’s miles ahead of Rory and Amy and light years ahead of us, the audience.

I’ve poured my thoughts about it into this week’s Fusion Patrol podcast, as guest host. Yes I do gush a bit. But even @lone_locust liked this episode.

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