“P.S.” Unfilmed Doctor Who

This final scene for Rory’s Dad was written by Chris Chibnall but never shot. I wonder why? It answers the “what about Brian” question that many of us were asking. It also fills out the post-Doc lives of Amy & Rory. It’s quite touching. And it makes their story more satisfying.

But I wonder where it was intended to go? It was written by Chibnall, so it’s not from Angels Take Manhattan yet it divulges the end of that story so how could it belong in The Power of Three. I wonder if the transmission sequence of these episodes was changed after the scene was written?

Update: Chris Chibnall has clarified that the scene would have formed a DVD extra.


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2 thoughts on ““P.S.” Unfilmed Doctor Who

  1. It’s a good question about where it should have fit, and I think that answers why we didn’t see it.

    Tacked onto the end of Angels it would have been “two” endings when the important one was Amy’s departure it would have risked diminishing that.

    The fact that it was written by Chibnall and given it’s length, I wonder it if was meant to be Pond Life 5

    Sad they didn’t film it, it could have gone on the DVDs.  I think they’ve only released it because the one reaction I’ve heard to Angels universally is “What about Brian?”

    it’s a testament to the actor, and perhaps even the writer, that in just 2 episodes, Brian Williams grabbed such a prominent place in the audience’s heart that the production team had to release unfinished material to satisfy the audience they accidentally left wanting.

    1. Chibnall has explained that the scene was intended as a DVD extra. I’ll update the post when I get some decent broadband. I agree it’s difficult to see where it could have been used on TV but I think it was a mistake not to. It would have improved it.

      Agree about Mark Williams. And I think Chibnall deserves credit too. And I am glad we’ve at least had this scene in some form.

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