I’m always curious as to what motivates the English to learn Welsh.  My first inclination, borne of a natural Welsh suspicion of our neighbours, is to assume it’s some attempt at infiltration to undermine our nation.  My second is that it’s a long term effort at humouring us Welsh for later laughs.  Unkind, I know.  And, to date, unfounded.  So, it’s heart-warming to read your generous acknowledgement of the importance of Welsh to first-language speakers as being motivation to learn.  And delightful to witness such dedication to what must be a challenging journey.  I don’t speak Welsh myself… I merely have an ‘O’ level.  But I couldn’t agree more that never have I encountered a nation of speakers so encouraging of any efforts to communicate.  I had a lovely chat with a stranger last week, which accidentally started in Welsh and continued thus until I was confounded by the word “amlwg”.  He appeared happy I’d even tried.  I have French to degree level, German to ‘A’ level, two years of Egyptian Arabic and one year of Russian and only in Russia and Wales have I never been made to feel stupid for trying to speak the language.  Hoorah us! And long may such a positive attitude continue to encourage your learning.

I’m excited about the teapot post.