Just to be clear (though I don’t think this is in dispute) I’m not saying phone cameras are capable of technically better images than the DSLR. What I’m arguing is that they can help the photographer to be a better photographer. For a photographer equally skilled with each, of course the the DSLR will give you better images to work with post-production. But a crispness, clarity, resolution etc. do not on their own make a great photograph. If feedback can help a photographer take better photographs, then DSLRs need to equal iPhones in terms of that capability if they are to be the better choice in all situations.

I think one of us is misunderstanding what this Black Eyed Pea is doing. Personally I can’t see a reason why Apple wouldn’t allow an accessory that had its own (replacement) lens and sensor (by replacing the lens I don’t think the implication is the existing lens need be removed)? Conversely, I cannot see how a replacement sensor could be used with the existing lens even if Apple wanted this? So I don’t think what we’re going to see next week has anything to do with clipping things in front of Apple’s lens. But maybe I’m missing something…?