The Worst Lens

When I got my Panasonic Lumix GF3 I resolved I wouldn’t buy any lenses for it until I’d decided whether the future did actually lie in the micro-four thirds system, or if I wanted to return home to Nikon. But I couldn’t resist buying what is the worst lens available (officially, since it has the lowest DxOmark of any lens, apparently).

Except it’s not a lens, it’s a lens cap. That lets you shoot photos without removing it.

Olympus have built a tiny, fixed aperture lens into the BCL-1580, and given it a tiny manual focus lever that basically lets you choose between near, far and shut. But then at f8.0, maybe that’s all you need.

Here’s a sample pic. Soft, with obvious vignetting.

Gateholm, low tide


But the lens weighs just 22g, with it on the GF3 weighs just 300g in total (including battery). I’ve put a few pictures on Flickr (but I’ve had to tag them, EXIF data doesn’t include lens, focal length etc. since the camera doesn’t think there’s a lens on it…) It’s limited, but rather good fun.

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