“Praxeus” review (podcast episode)

I’m Simon. I’m guessing you know that. Fusion Patrol? The sci-fi podcast? What’s wrong with you people?

Listen to our Fusion Patrol podcast episode as Eugene and I fail to recognise any coherent plot details, or coherent plot outlines, or entertaining characters or dialogue. Yes, perhaps there’s a good story in there (or perhaps several) struggling to get out (or fighting each other through escalating contradictions…) But there are only so many unanswered questions a story can sustain before it collapses under the weight of its own inconsistency…and it’s not helped when characters or events are suddenly erased from the story, never to be referred to again. Surprisingly the two of us were in sync as we enjoyed ourselves for the first half of the first viewing (great X-Files vibes) and as it fell apart in the second half and on subsequent viewings… (you can admire Eugene’s superior fortitude as he struggled through it for a third time).

You can listen to our podcast discussion on the Fusion Patrol website or wherever you get your podcasts.

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