New Fish

Three new fish in the pond today – tiddlers fresh from the garden centre. They’re testing the water – after the last lot disappeared, and the tadpoles too, it’s possible […]

Potato Update

When the subject of chitting came up before it proved surprisingly controversial. Since I’ve only planted 9 seed potatoes, sticking them on the windowsill in egg boxes didn’t really constitute […]

The Garlic Forest

“Rather than a bluebell wood” said my sister, “it’s a forest of garlic”. And it was. This ramson floored glade lies on the banks of the Coly. A friend has […]


This is one of my favourite vegetables. When I dug my pond, a couple of years back, a friend told me you could grow watercress just by throwing it in […]


My back “garden” (yard) is pretty small. I want to grow vegetables. With my pond, pear tree, roses, fruit and herbs, there’s not really room for pototatoes. But fresh (I […]


My frisky frogs have brought about the most exciting thing to happen in the pond since the baby fish 18 months ago: two great lumps of spawn (the smaller one […]


I’d forgotten how much I loath this stuff. It catches on everything. Anyway, it may not be elegant, but ’tis done, so come on leaves, do your worst. Still no […]