Why I Hate Email

A couple of colleagues and friends have been singing the praises of email lately.  I hate it. Largely because of the things that made it so popular with me originally […]

Rearranging the Dust

I’ve made things look a bit different! This is partly about aesthetics (if you’re on newer versions of Firefox or Safari it should look nice and curvy) but also about […]

Tidal Weirdness

These pictures (of St Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire) are taken on a falling tide. The second is taken in exactly the same position, 2’40” after the first.  In between, the water […]

Custard Slice

A particular speciality in Cardiff, I’m told, is the custard slice.  I’m a big flan fan and I expected something similar, and it shares that worthy goal of serving custard […]