Do You Remember…?

So Amy doesn’t remember the dalek planet theft of 2010 (or the battle of Canary Wharf?)  Come to think of it, neither do I…

The cyberking in Victorian london got eaten by the crack in Amy’s bedroom (please note self restraint in avoiding double entendre’s, but I stick to the Kenneth Williams maxim: if there’s any innuendo in it, I whip it out).  That explains the why Amy and I can’t remember the daleks too (though that’s going to play merry hell with Torchwood continuity).  Also the sycorax, slitheen, 456, poinson sky etc (and just when RTD had finally made the case for his post-first-contact Earth).

Perhaps the Earth history of new-Who is going to be very much more like the Earth that we (even those of us living on the rift) are familiar with in the early 21st century.

But why don’t I remember:

  • the £5 coin
  • having a king (in the ’80s)
  • a tenth planet appearing in our solar system (in the ’80s)
  • seeing contemporary reports of the loch ness monster visiting the Thames (in the ’70s)
  • mention in the history of space travel of a manned landing on Mars (in the ’70s)
  • seeing contemporary reports of cybermen near St Paul’s (in the ’60s)

Though the Doctor has seen these things, I have no recollection of any of them.  Do you remember…?

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