I had a reply from Caroline Lucas today:

Thank you for your email and letting me know your concerns. I am sorry for not writing back sooner but I have o prioritise correspondence from constituents.

My position has always been that decisions about what treatments are available on the NHS must be based on the cost effectiveness of the treatment. The role of politicians is to ensure that there is a rigorous and transparent framework for how cost effectiveness is defined and decisions taken.

I think that homeopathy ought to be treated on a level playing field with other treatments. If it meets the burden of evidence that is required to demonstrate effectiveness and that its effect benefits the patient in a cost effective way then it should be available. NICE is the appropriate body to make these decisions.

In relation to the British Medical Association debating homeopathy at its recent conference, I am concerned that a body with its own vested interests is trying to influence decision making in this way – which is why I signed EDM 284. It is not stating that homeopathy is or isn’t backed up by scientific evidence, rather it is making the case that the BMA should not be overstepping its remit.

Thank you for getting in touch and I hope that gives you some insight into my position.