Avenging May

Oops. Things got a bit out of hand this month. Aiming to exceed 11 episodes I watched 25… Though the 9 remaining Cathy Gale episodes were a very decent bunch, I retained my self control. But then… that feeling you get, watching black & white Mrs Peel, you just want it to continue! The episode finishes, the final notes of Laurie Johnson’s ‘The Shake” die away. You switch of the TV and reluctantly get up. Wander around the house. Pick up the brolly, swing it back and forth a couple of times. Maybe walk down to the river, stare into the water for a few minutes, flick through a few pages of a book. You can’t get that feeling back, you can’t distract your mind. There’s nothing for it; you have to slink back to the TV and bask in the glorious, unbounded pleasure of another 50 minutes pure televisual pulchritude.

Just watching 3 episodes from series 4 would’ve been unimaginable frugal; so I watched another 13…

I watched 9 episodes from season 3:

Five of these episodes were broadcast in February 1964, which is the month the single Kinky Boots, featuring Honor Blackman and Patrick Macnee was released, so I had a listen to that too (as should you – it’s embedded in the post).

In all I watched 16 episodes from season 4:

Pick of May: no surprises here, since I’ve already revealed The Grave-Diggers to be my favourite hour of television ever, and Death at Bargain Prices and The Hour That Never Was close behind; with several series 4 episodes being at the top of the pile too. It’s tough on the Cathy Gale episodes I saw this month because some of those were particularly good – Mandrake being the best of them.

Episodes remaining: 67 (9.6 per month).


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