Avenging October

So, that’s it. All the remaining original Avengers have now been watched. I’ll look back over the whole lot in another post, but the October episodes represent a curious mix as the Tara King era continues to struggle to define itself. It’s certainly not a triumphant ending – taken together these are a weak batch of stories overall – but it is a curious collection. There’s some of the high concept espionage stuff (Love All, Stay Tuned, My Wildest Dream, Get-A-Way), some whimsey (Wish You Were Here, Take Me To Your Leader), some weird period atmosphere stuff (Fog, Pandora) and a new, darker edge beginning to show through that I think demonstrates the show beginning to find its new forte (Pandora again, Requiem and Take Over). But who knows, because thanks to poor US ratings, the show got nixed.

A few people have asked if I’m going to do The New Avengers. It wasn’t part of the original plan, but having finished a couple of months early, this seems like both a suitable stretch-goal, and a good way to avoid Avengers withdrawal symptoms. So I will be leaping from 1969 into 1976, to find that Steed has indeed come back down to Earth, as Mother predicted…

I will also shortly post a look back at The Avengers as a whole, and for those who aren’t foolish enough to copy me in watching the whole lot, I’ll maybe recommend my top episodes for a more selective viewing.

But back to October, when I watched 13 episodes from series 6:

Pick of October: Take Over. There’s some traditional Avengers charm to Take Me To Your Leader but Take Over is an assured, thrilling and original episode that stands on its own.

Episodes remaining: 0 original episodes. Stretch goal: 26 New Avengers episodes (13 per month).

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