FrogWatch: Tree Climbers

I was doing a little late night gardening. At around 9pm all the frogs head out of the pond and up to the wall, and tried to climb it. None of them got too far with that, but this one did better climbing the pear tree.

Tree Frog - 1

He’s about 2 foot above the ground here, about two thirds of the way up the picture on the right hand branch.

Here’s a zoom in on the same picture, so you can see him:

Tree Frog - 1 copy

After the photo was taken he climbed out of sight in the the campinula. Now I don’t know what he’s doing there. Maybe he’s on his way out of the garden (he’s at the same height as the lowest wall there, and there’s a ledge he could crawl along to it).

Or maybe there’s more flies up there. I think that’s what they’re up to now. Some of them are sitting very still, they open their mouths, chomp them shut and give a sort of napkinless dab to the mouth.

Here’s one with his mouth open:


You can see, disappointingly, those jaws aren’t really wide enough to take in a whole slug. Perhaps he could just take little bites…

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