Torchwood Appraisals

I previously posted about how, with Torchwood renewed, the production team should be taking a look at the casting and making some hard decisions. Since Torchwood doesn’t seem to have […]

Torchwood Renewed

The BBC have announced Torchwood has been comissioned for a second series. Torchwood is the longest running Doctor Who TV spinoff ever, but I’ve been a bit ambivalent about whether […]


The Sun are running a story that Bond 22 will be based around the plot of Risico as a sequel to Casino Royale. A previous rumour suggested that Risico, one […]

Song For Ten

Neil Hannon is a talented chappie, but his version of Murray Gold’s Song For Ten from The Christmas Invasion on the new Doctor Who Music CD (now on iTunes but […]

Lewes and Fireworks

Three months ago a fire on the high street exploded because of fireworks stored in the building. Today, sadly, two firefighters lost their lives at a nearby fireworks factory. It’s […]

One Day Sale

There’s a one day sale at the Apple Store, the European equivalent to the Thanksgiving Sale in the US. I’m eyeing up the discounts on Toast and Parallels, but even […]

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