“The Hungry Earth” Review

Season Fnarg’s second two parter plays like Classic Who’s Greatest Hits. The drill reminded me of Inferno. The forcefield reminded me of The Deamons. Unless you’re exceedingly good at avoiding […]

Dust to Dust

Can the Ashes to Ashes finale manage not to be rubbish?  Judging by its predecessor, it’s unlikely, but the show is on a high. When Life on Mars concluded I wrote […]

The Enchanted Rodent

матрациToys! Shiny new toys!  I’ve just taken delivery of a new iMac at work, with Fusion 3 and Windows 7.  (This is so I can use and trial software across […]

Do You Remember…?

So Amy doesn’t remember the dalek planet theft of 2010 (or the battle of Canary Wharf?)  Come to think of it, neither do I… The cyberking in Victorian london got […]

The Next Election

A coalition may be more stable that a government with a tiny majority, but either way we could be back at the polls within two years. The report from the […]