Microsoft Surface

Wow. Okay, so Microsoft are responsible for Windows, the Zune, WMP etc. but I’ve stil. got to admit, this is incredible. Gattis took out a digital camera and placed it […]

Half Time

What with the two week break, the coming soon trailer, and the fact we’re half way through the Doctor Who season, it’s perhaps time for a little review… New Beginnings […]

Internet Time Travel

Episode 8 of the current Doctor Who (ie. the one after next, which itself is almost two weeks away because of pesky Eurovision) is called Human Nature, rather like the […]

The Garlic Forest

“Rather than a bluebell wood” said my sister, “it’s a forest of garlic”. And it was. This ramson floored glade lies on the banks of the Coly. A friend has […]

Time Lapse

A great opportunitity to try out iMovie 6’s well hidden time lapse feature presented yesterday, when my sister took Dad’s furniture out into his garden (don’t ask).