Slow Death of an iPhone

This is my premature “coroner’s report” on my 3G (white 1Gb) iPhone.  I’m really posting this for anyone else who is having problems with their WiFi.  For information, rather than […]

The Enchanted Rodent

матрациToys! Shiny new toys!  I’ve just taken delivery of a new iMac at work, with Fusion 3 and Windows 7.  (This is so I can use and trial software across […]

iPhone Airfoil Speakers

Good news from мебелиRogue Amoeba. When they sadly made it clear that an Airfoil for iPhone, sending your iPod other app’s audio to your hifi, is not possible due to Apple’s restrictions, […]

Times Changing

When I did my first degree, a few of my lecturers pushed their own textbooks; it makes sense, no doubt, since it would be a work whose authority (one hopes) […]