After a cross-channel train journey I can’t resist switching into nerd mode. Whilst in France I saw an article in a paper about the next generation TGV, called the AGV […]

Torchwood With Martha

I didn’t think Torchwood would ever be really good without a radical overhaul. Turns out I was wrong. Here’s why Reset (Torchwood with Martha) works. J.C.Wilsher. Creator of Between The […]


In the last year rows of electronic bike racks have sprung up around Paris where you can use your Oyster like Navigo card to hire bicycles. Judging by the numbers […]

Paris Pics

Since the Musee D’Orsay closed just as I arrived, last year, it was my first port of call this time. I can never decide whether the paintings on the 5th […]

iTunes vs. Play

I’ve been waiting patiently (well, almost patiently) for Amazon to launch UK downloads without DRM. Given that they’ve done it in the US and got all the major labels on […]