Rearranging the Dust

I’ve made things look a bit different! This is partly about aesthetics (if you’re on newer versions of Firefox or Safari it should look nice and curvy) but also about […]

Hullo Everybody!

I’ve been plagued lately by registration spam (mostly from @gmail). It doesn’t seem to be doing any harm, but it’s irritating; especially as Akismet seems to do such a good […]

Upgrade Coming Up

If funny things start to appear on the site this afternoon, it’s because I’m (finally) upgrading to WordPress 2.1 “Ella”. Bear with me, normal service will resume as soon as […]

New Theme

Little Storping-in-the-Swuff has been going for about 16 months, though it hardly seems like it. When I started out, back then, I was new to WordPress, but the best theme […]

WordPress Widgets

Woah, these are fun! Looking for the hack to get a login box on the sidebar, I’ve come across WordPress Widgets, old news and well known, but no one told […]

WordPress 2.0.3 Bug

Hmmm. WordPress 2.0.3, which Little Storping upgraded to 11 days ago, seems to be escaping characters when comments are edited or I write posts with the Bookmarklet (and I suspect […]