A mac enthusiast friend has pointed me at this totally excellent utility. It’s a life saver if you have an OS X problem and don’t have your installer disk handy, […]

Google Maps

I’m a little late arriving at this party, but WOW! I’ve been swooping around Google’s hybrid map/satellite pictures, enjoying the search facilities and directions (with the dynamic zooming) and longing […]

Bonfire Night

Commercial Square’s Firework Display, reflected in the Ouse, in this photo a friend of mine took. Well, it was the 400th anniversary, and a Saturday, but I’ve discovered a wonderful […]


If you don’t think a pest control company called anti-pesto is funny, or you don’t get a laugh out of this: you basically have no soul. I haven’t seen it […]


I’ve never held with this idea that the internet is an unsafe place to use a credit card, because there’s always a danger of fraud whenver you make any transaction. […]

Squeezing Freeview

I’ve got my Linux PVR back up and running (in fact my sister has insisted I record her boyfriend’s appearance, in a false moustache, in the BBC’s Egypt programme). I’ve […]

The X-Files

When as a student I used to watch the X-Files I used to imagine that if I could watch every episode I might actually understand what was going on. A […]

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