Term Limit

So, Bartlet’s term ended last night on More4 and a new candidate was sworn in as the show bowed out. The West Wing did something unusual in its second term: […]

WordPress Widgets

Woah, these are fun! Looking for the hack to get a login box on the sidebar, I’ve come across WordPress Widgets, old news and well known, but no one told […]

Frogwatch Abroad

That’s abroad in the sense of “out and about” not in another country. Although come to think of it, it was another country. And it’s not a frog, it’s a […]

You Know My Name

After rumours that Goldfrapp and Tina Turner were to record the title song for Casino Royale it has finally been confirmed that the song will be written (with David Arnold) […]


It’s time for the previously mentioned salad now the tomatoes are ripening. The salad is entirely grown in my garden. As well as the tomatoes, there’s the basil (now outdoors), […]

Bond 22: Risico?

EON have announced that Bond 22 will be released on May 2nd 2008, ending speculation that they were going for a 45th Anniversary “007 in 2007” follow up to Casino […]

WordPress 2.0.3 Bug

Hmmm. WordPress 2.0.3, which Little Storping upgraded to 11 days ago, seems to be escaping characters when comments are edited or I write posts with the Bookmarklet (and I suspect […]