My Favourite Teapot

We should be grateful for tea bags. They are like little powder-filled litmus tests for the depth to which the rot of flat, insipid, lifeless cuppas have infested almost every aspect […]


Mae @JoeNicholls wedi gofyn i fi wneud mewn gweithdy blogio gyda @SarahNicholas. Or to put it another way, yn saesneg, for non-Welsh speakers (and, presumably, Welsh-speakers horrified by my grammar in […]

Wisteria Ramble

I got very excited about this. This wisteria is considerably older than I am (it is at least 40) and it has never flowered. I remember it when I was […]

What Harm Can It Do?

викWhy is reflexology more popular than iridology? In the absence of an evidence-base, what makes one treatment more successful (in terms of uptake) than another? Put another way, if I […]