My Jerry Springer Moment: “Jerry Springer – The Opera” Review

“This is my Jerry Springer Moment,

I don’t want this moment to die

so dip me in chocolate

and throw me to the lesbians

I don’t want this moment to die”

So the lyrics are brilliant and hilarious, the music’s terrific too, and so’s the choreography. The encore is delicious. Even better, you get handed a leaflet by Christian protesters who are offended, amongst other things, by the fact Christ doesn’t get a costume change when all the other characters do.

Alas, it was half full (I doubt it was because of the mult-faceted campaign of prayer, or even because Brightonians were worried about bringing shame and judgement on the town – it’s a bit late to be thinking about that!) But it’s a fabulous evening’s entertainment and even a bit of classic so see it if you can. Brighton seems to be the last stop on the tour and it finishes on Saturday following a free debate (chaired by Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee with Jerry Springer The Opera writer Richard Thomas and the Reverend Dr David Hilborn).

Incidentally, walking home, I saw the future: a wafer thin computer screen displaying news in an estate agent’s window (“what the fuck? what the fuck? what the fucking fucking fuck?” to quote The Opera) and then a small unstaffed DVD Rental Vending machine centre where it appeared you could stick your credit card in the machine and it would spit out a DVD, with rental at 99p a pop! Are these common now? Am I just behind the times?

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