BBC 7 Commission New Doctor Who

The BBC have just announced a new series of Doctor Who set to be broadcast on BBC 7 in the new year. To star Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, currently battling the Cybermen on BBC 7 in the repeat of the excellent The Sword of Orion, these really are brand new adventures, set after the current Big Finish series with Charley Pollard. Produced by Big Finish, the new series will mark the independent production company’s first foray into the BBC’s new Doctor Who format of 50 minute one-off or two part episodes. There will be six stories, including two two-parters.

The new companion is Lucie Miller, played by Sheridan Smith, but just look:

The guest cast is equally impressive: Timothy West, Kenneth Cranham, Anita Dobson, Nerys Hughes, Ian McNeice, Elspet Gray, Ben Silverstone, Stephen Gately, Bernard Cribbins, Julia McKenzie, Nigel Havers, Roy Marsden and Nickolas Grace all feature.

The series is due to go out from New Year’s Eve, superbly timed to fill in that post-Christmas special, Torchwood-free drought period preceding the broadcast of Series 29 on TV. Just to make sure we’re all dosed up over the holiday season, Sarah Jane and K9 will return on New Year’s Day in a one-hour Sarah Jane Adventures special, marking the start of the third Doctor Who spin-off which will continue in an (alas K9-free) CBBC series later in the year. Ex-Moneypenny Samantha Bond is the baddie.

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