“You Know My Name”: Worse Than “Die Another Day”?

Could this be the worst Bond song ever? I’m trying to remember just how much I hated “Die Another Day” when it first came out (I mellowed after I saw how it was used in the titles) to work out whether I can really say this is the worst Bond song ever, or whether I’ll like it better once I’ve calmed down.

Update: Paul Dunphy on CommanderBond.net has posted with the views from the CBn forum:

Some see it as it as a brave step for the franchise: ushering in a new era, others wonder why an American rock artist was picked at the height of his mediocrity to work on a cock-rock song that is meant to relaunch Britain€™s greatest universal export, but sounds more fitting for the end credits of a Spiderman film.

Some see it as the spiritual sister to Wings€™ 1973 classic Live And Let Die, others believe it€™s as aggressive as a wet fart; that it€™s an asinine, lyrically-cliched, fetid turd of a song with no remotely memorable hook and no discernible link to the musical world of James Bond.

It’s certainly not Live and Let Die. But there is a discernible link to the James Bond theme if you listen carefully enough. Anyway, I don’t think he likes it, and I don’t blame him.

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