Like backup software, one of those things you don’t realise the value of until disaster strikes.


Last night my foot caught on my iBook’s power cord. Only for a second, but giving the iBook enough of a tug to send it spinning onto the concrete floor, leaving its screen hanging off the hinge.

Fortunately the iBook was rugged enough to survive the fall with no impairment of vital functions. But using the machine as a portable is impossible: closing the lid (once a two second one finger job) now takes two hands with great care. I suspect I can only do this maybe a dozen times before the screen’s end of life. Fortunately, once I have aquired a new laptop, the iBook’s destiny is to function as my file/web/iTunes/TV server for which the screen is not a requirement, and FC5 is already installed.

But now I need Apple to bring out the Merom MacBook all the more urgently. I can’t wait much longer (already I’ll have been beaten to owning the first MacBook in the family).

COME ON APPLE, give us the Merom MacBook! I need a new computer now, and I can’t wait much longer!

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  1. I’ve bent the iBook-end plug of TWO power adaptors like that. Luckily they were bend-backable, but it’s only a matter of time before I do some real damage. Do you think the magsafe is solidly patented or will other manufacturers be catching up soon?

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