My frisky frogs have brought about the most exciting thing to happen in the pond since the baby fish 18 months ago: two great lumps of spawn (the smaller one is pictured).

The frogs were introduced to the pond as spawn themselves two years ago. Disappointingly there was no spawn last year. Meanwhile, there can be no doubt there are no longer any fish in the pond, and while I will reintroduce fish later this year, I shall be waiting until the tadpoles can leave the pond under their own steam.

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6 thoughts on “SPAWN!

  1. You may be subject to a plague of frogs at this rate. I’m eagerly anticipating the subsequent installments. Will you film them as they move into your house and start colonising the sink before they move to the breadmaker (a fatal error, but the young frog as no such knowledge, alas)?

  2. Aha! Just as I expected!!!! A plague of frogs be upon you and no mistake! You’re going to have millions of the little buggers watching your dvds and taping eastenders over your favourite Dr Who episodes. They’ll be making themselves at home in the salad bowl and running up ridiculous electricity bills by making a theme park out of your record player. It’s all downhill from here.

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