I’ve been meaning to post these pictures all week, but what with having to get up at 3am on Sunday to catch the high tide at the mouth of the Deben, I’ve been catching up on sleep instead.


I had the opportunity to go sailing…or at least, we hoped to sail. In the event, a Force 7 put us off going out at first, and so we took a walk to a very picturesque church

Church, Poppies

When we did set out, the wind dropped all together, so we motored out of the Deben, round the coast past Felixstowe, and anchored up on the Stour beyond Harwich; watching the sun go down, drinking wine and listening to the birds. Idyllic. Then, less than four hours later, getting up and watching the sun come up again… less idyllic (well, I was tired!) but utterly spectacular.

Sunrise Behind Felixstowe

The sun rising behind Felixstowe.


Back out at sea, we put the stay sail and the jib up, and the breeze helped us get a little extra speed to reach the shingle bar at the mouth of the Deben on high water. We got across with 1.7m to spare.

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