One Week and the Tournament’s Over!

It’s three weeks until we’ll have a winner in the Football World Cup.  Two weeks until we know the Wimbledon Champion.  But it’s just one week until Matt Smith first season as the Doctor can be compared in its completeness to those of Eccleston and Tennant.

I noted previously that this season has followed the established format since the series came back in 2005.  When Tennant’s first season followed the format of his predecessor, I did my own independent bit of refereeing their playoff:

Tennant vs. Eccleston

This fizzled out when I did it again:

Seasons 27 vs 28 vs 29

  • round 1
  • um…. seems like I didn’t finish

And again…

Season 27 vs 28 vs 29 vs 30

But this time I’m saving it up (also because I forgot until I was reminded).

I’ve just got to finally work out which episode should fairly face which in the playoffs (eg. season intro episodes, far future episodes, celebrity historical episodes).  This is vital, or the contest will be as unfair as our electoral system…

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