“Death on the Rocks” Review

Diamond smuggling. Despite the exotic allure of the stones themselves, this is back to busting brutal organised crime in a very season one style story. It’s a brutal, brute-force attempt at taking over the diamond market by terror. Cartel & regulation busting, criminality at scale, manipulation though threatening families and loved ones.

Undoubtedly the most interesting aspect is Steed and Cathy moving in together, as husband and wife.

Once again, Steed is not all that honest with his accomplice. Venus wouldn’t have rumbled him, but Cathy confronts Steed over the fact that he’s using her as bait (she says she’s a clay pigeon – but isn’t she a Judas goat?) She’s clearly not averse to the danger, but resents being kept in the dark.

Somewhat lack-lustre, but the feigned marriage is quite fun. Meier Tzelniker gives a nice performance as the jeweller Steed goes into partnership with in order to get noticed by the diamond smugglers.

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