“The Trojan Horse” Review

Steed’s looking after another high profile diplomatic visitor – an equine one this time. This is a solid but stolid story from Malcolm Hulke – the central premiss of being a sort of pyramid assassination scheme (i.e like pyramid selling) although there’s a great deal of padding.

The opening is a bit season 1: a bookie, a client who won’t pay, brass knuckles, going to far and killing him – except the ‘victim’ gets up and walks away.

The production team were obviously very pleased with the modernity of the bookies’ office – his sliding door opens and closes in almost every scene he’s in (I suppose it’s a way to kill some time…)

Cathy, as with most things, knows more about horses than Steed.

Fans of Mr Birling in Cabin Pressure will enjoy a guest appearance by a young Geoffrey Whitehead.

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