Avenging December

So, that’s it. All the Avengers have now been watched. And December’s bunch – the second season of The New Avengers – have been as much of a mixed bag as the first season. But at least this time, the show goes out on a high.

Once again the opening is confident, and the show seems to have found a better dynamic between its senior and female leads. But for whatever reason, the style shifts around wildly (production inconsistency, perhaps, owing to the showing being lured onto French and Canadian soil for the francs and the dollars). By the end of the series, we’re back to Steed as the parent to the two juniors. Even then, there are some great moments and even some fine episodes.

This month I watched all of The New Avengers series 2.

Pick of December: Emily. What? You want to make something of it?

Episodes Remaining: None. (Sob.)

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