Is That A Frog On Your Subwoofer?

Subwoofer Frog - 5

Er… yes.

This one may take a little explaining…

First of all, it’s been raining quite a lot here today. The wet weather brings the frogs out. While I was washing up I noticed a movement in the corner of the kitchen – it was a frog – it must have come in when I went out (and left the door open – it’s a warm evening). As the frog hops off into my living room, I open the door ready to shoo it out. Another frog hops straight in… I need another plan. I close the door – did that frog hop out again or is it hiding? Not sure.

Meanwhile the frog in the living room has hopped behind the sofa. I’ve got a glass to catch it in, but where’s it gone? It seems to be clinging to the subwoofer!

Now I’ve returned it to the garden. But where’s the other frog? How many others came in undetected? Now not only can I not tread in the garden for fear of squashing a frog, I can’t tread in the flat. And if they’re in here, can they get out? Or will they crawl into some hidey-hole and die, to be found months later when the smell gets bad? Now I can’t open my back door for fear of letting them in again – which is a bit of a problem, since my bathroom’s been removed and so I’m using the outside toilet. Who’d have thought having frogs would be so stressful…

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