Aaargh, want to know about new macs!

Apple seem to be blocking live coverage of their media event. I want to know the minute any possible new video iPod is announced! Tell me more about Photo Booth and Front Row! Show me the new iMac!

Update (7.03pm): Alright! TV shows from iTMS! So what’s the UK price going to be (more than the equivalent of $1.99 in sterling, no doubt)? And more importantly, are we going to have to wait eons again for this to arrive in the UK?

Update (7.16pm): Live coverage!

Update: It’s over. Okay, well, we Brits are being stiffed again on the videos (£1.89 > $1.99) and anyway we’re not getting the TV Episodes (besides, I don’t want Lost, or Desparate Housewives, I want West Wing). So then what do I need a video iPod for? Or indeed iTunes 6 (I’ve only had 5 for 5 weeks, for pity’s sake!)

No, the big deal for me is the new iMac – I do want to get me one of those. Already pretty gorgeous, built in iSight is neat (PhotoBooth is staggeringly dull, but hard to deny it’s useful) and Front Row just takes it onto a whole new level.

In fact, how about building Front Row into a Mac Mini, chuck in an EyeTV for DTT and you’ve got the ultimate set-top box?

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