Leap-A, the Mac “Virus”

So someone has written some malicious code targeting OS X (the Leap-A trojan). I suppose we should be flattered that the OS has finally been considered worthy of attacking. But I find it hard to take it seriously, even as a warning that the idiots who write theses things are targeting us, since to become infected you’d have to deliberately open this file “latestpics.tgz”, and enter an administrators password (unless you’re foolish enough to log in as administrator normally). So I don’t think there’s any serious comparison to be made with the gaping loopholes that make Windows such a nightmare.

However, this useful tip should help ensure that even in the event you accidentally download and run this virus, and enter your password for it, you’re still invulnerable. As someone commented, this will probably be released in a couple of days in a security update.

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