Two Weeks to “New Earth”

Just a fortnight still to go. The first Tardisode has arrived on the offical website.

Meanwhile Who is Doctor Who has undergone a radical revamp. It includes links to some of the old websites, but not and The British Rocket Group. It also links to the new websites Leamington Spa Lifeboat Museum from which there’s a link to the splendidly random Millingdale Ice Cream. It’s not clear how these connect to the new series (although both contain some great gags… the latter is very funny – check out the flavours – reminicent of Python’s Crunch Frog chocs! And the location of the former is on the coast just north of Carlisle and east of Cardiff, with the postcode of the address on Wharf Drive actually leading to…. Russell Terrace, now who could that be a reference to?) But linking them from Who Is Doctor Who somehow spoils the fun… it makes it less of an internet treasure hunt!

In the meantime, while we count down, I’ve still got several unanswered questions…including:

1. What has happened to Captain Jack (not to mention the lovely Lynda-with-a-y)? Will we have to wait until Torchwood airs to find out? Will we find out even then?

2. Is the Doctor personally aquainted with Arthur Dent?

3. What is the connection between C19 and Torchwood and UNIT?

4. How is Torchwood’s Gwen related (if at all) to Gwyneth of The Unquiet Dead (both played by Eva Myles)?

5. Will there really be another K9 spinoff (K9 and Company is the only television spinoff so far) and will this be set up in School Reunion?

6. Most importantly, what are we to call the new series? Is it Series 2 (and how is that to be distinguished from the Season 2 with William Hartnell?) Is it Season 28 (as if we’re carrying on from the original series) or should we call it (to avoid this whole dispute) the 1st Tenth Doctor series?

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