Hull Lib Dems phase out free healthy school meals

Hull council, now under the control of the Lib Dems, have announced they will resume charging for the healthy school meals that were introduced as free in a pilot under the previous Labour administration in 2004.

95% of children are eating school meals in Hull and 24,000 pieces of fresh and veg are served up daily. The scheme is being phased out before the pilot stage is completed on the grounds of cost.

This is exactly what schools should be doing nationwide. Teachers have, unsurprisingly, remarked on the increase in concentration; also Hull has one of the highest rates of obesity in Britain. If the political will was there, this would be continuing, and reflected in other cities across the UK.

Yes, £3.8m is a lot of money, but can anyone think of something better to spend it than on putting fresh healthy food into our kids?

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