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Major spoiler, hence no title!

Despite the warning, this is a pretty widespread story: good luck in keeping this from yourself!

The BBC have announced that Billie Piper leaving Doctor Who at the end of Series 28. Coupled with the Beast’s pronouncement that Rose would die in battle, and you can’t help speculating… Plus there is the matter of The Doc and Rose having too good a time bumming around the Universe, trying to make it to see Ian Dury and Elvis and generally having fun. Russell T. Davis indicated that they’re headed for a fall.

Although I’ve been impressed by Billie Piper – especially in the last series – as she turned out to be a really different type of companion, I’m glad she’s not going to outstay her welcome.

The fun now is seeing how the new companion is found, and what sort of relationship develops.

The Doctor has met several potentially great companions since regenerating for the 8th time: 1940’s teenage mum Nancy, the sweet Lynda-with-a-y, the widowed Lady Isobel and the late-but-lovely Madame Pompadour. All of them he’s left behind. Let’s hope he chooses someone of equal calibre to travel with him in the future (and the past!)


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