I’ve tried that with about as much success. After setting the traps several nights running without seeing any action, one of them caught a mouse around midnight. I know this although I was asleep because I have wooden floors, and, having passed the centre of gravity to close the trap, he ran back to see if he could get out, and then ran back down the other end, and back, and so on… Clack clack clack on the floorboards…

So I’m still half asleep, thinking I’ve got to take the critter two miles (otherwise they just return). Should I get up now and walk it two miles up onto the downs, or get up early and do it before work? In the end I pull the covers over my head and try to ignore both the mouse and the thought of disposing of it and try to get back to sleep. Sometime between one (when I finally got back to sleep) and six, the mouse escaped. No doubt half a dozen of its buddies brought the heavy lifting gear round and helped it out.

So I went off “humane” traps – I think they’re much less effective without your father-in-law!