Time Flight: New Who Spinoff

Following the adventures of 1950s air ace Diane Holmes, new exciting new BBC 3 project stars Louise Delamere. In each episode she pilots the Sky Gipsy through the rift in space time, exploring different eras, worlds and even parallel universes.

Okay, so I’m entirely making this up, but with the Russell T. Davies’ eye for potential spin-offs, can we doubt that he is considering it? And wouldn’t it be great to take the best episode of Torchwood so far, and give Diane Holmes (basically a female version of Ace Rimmer) her own series?

Sky Gipsy

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3 thoughts on “Time Flight: New Who Spinoff

  1. Seriously, I slept a little less soundly last night, just worrying about how she’d find a suitable landing field or get gas when she arrives in the Cretaceous…

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