Happy New Year

“Twelve things mmm thinging,

Eleven maids a milking,

Nine geese a leapin’,

Eight maids a milking,


What they lack in tunefulness, a small group of revellers make up in enthusiasm as they amble from one course to the next through an East Devon village towing a drinks trolley, adorned with coloured lights and this year upgraded with optic brackets to dispense measures of whiskey and G&T as an alternative to swigging Cava from the bottle.

I rather like New Years Eve.

Appraisal of 2006 Resolutions:

  1. Learn to Like Coffee. The aim here was to learn to appreciate good coffee, and the pleasure of rounding off a good meal, rather than becoming a caffeine fiend who will resort to instant if deprived of his daily fix. This was a taste quickly aquired, and I haven’t become an addict. Achieved .
  2. Learn to Like Beer. The aim here was to learn to appreciate good beer (the pleasure of a glass of foaming nut brown ale on a hot summer’s day) not to become a lager swigging maniac. Time to be honest, I didn’t really make much of an effort here, I’ll have to do better in 2007. Failed.

Here’s the resolution for 2007:

Make Positive Food Choices. This is about ethical eating, and it’s about choosing to eat free range, organic meat, rather than simply avoiding it altogether, as I have been for a couple of decades. It’s also about sourcing fish, fruit and vegetables more carefully. I want to find a way to support local farmers, the provenance of whose produce is known, when most food is factory farmed. Trying eating meat may be an odd experience. I’ve no idea if I like it.

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