5.17. Arrive home out of breath. Right, let’s head off to San Fransisco and see what magic is in store:

5.44. iTV. Well, pretty much as expected, though confirmation of 802.11n is good (what’s that, Aiport Ultra?) and so’s HD, but why cripple it with a limit on the number of PCs it can stream from? Not clear why it needs to sync, either, unless the streaming’s not so good… Still this next thing sounds good…

6.47 iPhone. Look, I don’t want to quibble – it’s a fab little device (get me one now!) but what about iChat? Does this thing integrate, show your buddies online, allow you to video chat over the ‘net will folks sitting in front of their MacBook? That’s far more interesting to me than a regular phone….

6.52 Can’t help noticing there’s only 8 minutes to go, according to the schedule. Hello Leopard? iLife?

7.10 It’s all but over. One product isn’t available till Feb, the other until June (US) or Dec (here). So why did they take the store down?

Despite some carping, then, I’ve got to admit I’m gobsmacked. The Apple TV looks a pretty decent product despite the deliberate limitations (crap name, though) and the iPhone just blows me away, it looks fantastic. I want one NOW!

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