Love AirTunes. When they let you stream to multiple units, I almost went out and bought a couple more (wish I had now). Before the iTV announcement, I thought the rumoured product would be a sort of video AirTunes thing.

The product they announced looks more like a cut down Mac Mini, designed to run a souped up Front Row (indeed, I’d thought that besides price, it had no advantage over a Mini). It hadn’t occured to me it might have AirTunes (which of course a Mini can’t do), but it does seem quite likely.

If it does, there still won’t be a simple single unit that does AirTunes and acts as an access point, because Apple have confirmed the the aTV won’t to the latter. But it does seem to me like there’s still a market for a cheap, small unit, to act as a more compact base station or to sit beside the second hifi, or both… The things is, can I wait for the Express MkII (and will it be more reliable?)