Half Time

What with the two week break, the coming soon trailer, and the fact we’re half way through the Doctor Who season, it’s perhaps time for a little review…

New Beginnings

Rose introduced Rose. The Christmas Invasion introduced Ten. The Runaway Bride introduced the post-Rose era. A classic motorway chase but some daffy science, not up to the standard of the previous Chrimble offering. Nor was Smith and Jones, which introduced Martha. Both enjoyable episodes, though.

Celebrity Historicals

Dickens in The Unquiet Dead was run a close second by Victoria in Tooth and Claw but Shakespeare in The Shakespeare Code is trailing them both.

The Face of Boe

The End of the World, New Earth and now Gridlock; they work rather well as a trilogy and all three have something to enjoy (tree people, kittens, etc.) A three-way draw.

The Old Enemies

“New” Cybermen in The Age of Steel/The Rise of the Cybermen were never going to better original Daleks. But the Cult of Skaro’s evolution in Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleks didn’t match that of the lone Dalek either. Going to Noo Yoik was fun, though.

Back to the Present

While Aliens of London/World War Three was marred by Slitheen, anything with Sarah-Jane and K9 in it was going to be great regardless. So School Reunion scores over The Lazarus Experiment. The latter did have a big organ, but it’s getting difficult to tell the difference between the CGI monsters.

So, there we are. It’s been a solid season (if we ignore Evolution) but there’s been no Girl in the Fireplace or empty children yet. But then, that’s because the Moffat episode’s still to come…

Better get back to reading. Not only have I got Human Nature to get through in the next fornight, but the BBC have put up a prologue to 42.

And the 42 trailer they didn’t show after Lazarus is now available.

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