Human Nature eBook

It’s back on-line.

I never did get to finish it before I saw the adaptation – even the web archive version had chapters missing. But now it’s back, enhanced with a PDF available and, brilliantly, a version I’ve downloaded to my Palm, so I’ll definitely read it now.

From the flavour I got, the TV adapatation was remarkably faithful. But, for the most part, better; I’m not a fan such concepts as Death personified, or the Doctor as the father of the Timelords that are (apparently) hallmarks of these series of novels.

One thing I did like better in the novel, though, was the list he gives Benny of:

Things Not To Let Me Do

1: Commit suicide, if for some reason I want to.

2: Do physical harm to anyone, if you’re aware of it.

3: Eat meat, if you can.

4: Eat pears. I hate pears, I don’t want to wake up and

taste that.

5: Leave the area, or you, behind.

6: Get involved in big sociopolitical events.

7: Hurt animals, especially owls.

8: Develop an addiction.

9: Anything impossible.

Of the other eBooks, Nightshade by Mark Gatiss has also been given the PDF/PDA upgrade treatment, but none of the others. Will they follow later, or is there some significance to this choice?

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