Time to up sticks and head off to a nice new home at Yes, I’ve finally got round to buying a domain name, and doing all the fiddle that’s involved in moving. Little Storping started just as a try-out, and I wanted to see if I’d keep going, but I’ve been commiting my thoughts to MySQL for 2 years, now (happy birthday yesterday, Little Storping).

Moving means a few things might not work quite right. Please post a comment if you spot anything and I’ll fix it a.s.a.p.

I’ve moved with the help of this useful guide. The only problem I had was on first attempt, I hadn’t spotted old and new phpMyAdmin set to different character encoding, causing some mangling, and photopress (used on another site, not this one) needing its options reconfigured. And I edited the MySQL database in a text editor (the excellent Text Wrangler, since you ask) and this was a doddle. This will be the one post I will copy on both sites.

The old address is mine, for a while, and will redirect here (but just in case comments will be closed and all links will redirect to the new site).

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