WWDC Keynote

Okay, so far we’ve got games. That’s a field that Macs aren’t going to excel in, they’re too far behind already. Gamers buy PCs. That’s not going to stop me buying Need for Speed Carbon, of course.

Then we’ve got the new desktop. I can’t say I follow this, from the transcript. Stacks? Eh? Still, the 3D dock looks cool. And let’s hope they’ve FTFF (fixed the… Finder).

But now this is cool – simple, but so cool, and nicely implemented: “Back to My Mac”. .Mac does what DynDNS type services do, tracks the IP address of your Mac, with a client interface as simple as iTunes sharing. How does it get through your router’s firewall, though? Anyway, upshot: you can always find your Mac when you’re both connected to the ‘net.

Update 18:50 Boot Camp. Basically a non-announcement. No virtualisation, no WINE. No surprise, though.

Update 18:53 Web Clip. Mmmm, widgets. Eat my shorts, RSS.

Update 18:56 iChat. Bated breath.

Update 19:02 Aw. No Google integration, just silly effects. I’m still liking iChat theatre, though, and this makes sense of Quick Looks too. Now then, the exciting bit: Time Machine.

Update 19:09 WHAAAAAT?

Update 19:10 Safari on WINDOWS? Not iChat, but SAFARI? Eh? Why?

Update 19:28 All over. Safari on Windows, eh? Well well well. Where did that come from?

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