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“Hospital Drama”.

I used to run a mile if Casualty started. I never “got” ER. Then a colleague persuaded me to give Scrubs a go, comedy, true, but it still took the edge off it.

Now I’m a total addict to House. Almost as good as Hugh Laurie is the music. Why no soundtrack CD? A friend was kind enough to force me to listen to the soundtrack to Grey’s Anatomy. Twice. It’s no where near as good as the music on House, but the final insult was that it’s Volume 2. VOLUME 2! Elvis Costello recorded a special version of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful for House and we haven’t had a single track. VOLUME 2! Damn…

Since no CD was available I’ve been using the super track list to build up an iTunes playlist of my own (currently weighing in at 72 tracks). iTMS can provide many of the tracks, and the following iMix by a House fan is a great time saver…

We’ve had to make do without the Elvis Costello track, but the exciting news is that the official soundtrack is coming and will include it. (Of note is the fact that the US soundtrack features Massive Attack’s Teardrop, as used over the titles over there, whilst we get the “House MD Theme Song”, which is presumably the end credit music).

What’s puzzling me now is that Sarah McLachlan’s Dear God, and Josh Rouse’s God, Please Let Me Go Back (which Fox were giving away as a sampler) don’t appear to have been used in the show…? Is that right? The other track, which differs from what has been heard in the show, is You Can’t Always Get What You Want. The Stones’ version was used a number of times in the show, but on the CD is Hugh Laurie and Band From TV‘s cover.

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